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Italian Peruvian (Dark Roast)

Italian Peruvian (Dark Roast)

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Italian Peruvian is light bodied but flavorful. It has mild acidity and a taste of nuts, flowers, and fruit.

Did you know your sweet taste buds are located on the tip of your tongue? Imagine starting your morning with a sip of sweet light roast coffee that not only bounces off all of your taste buds but also awakens your mind.

We select only the best beans, imported from premiere growing regions from around the world. All of our beans are air roasted, Fair Trade, and never chemically induced. See more about air roasting vs drum roasting on our homepage.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Vaughaligan W. (Pearland, US)
Awesome Coffee

Best coffee I’ve had in a real long time!!

KATHRYN H. (Houston, US)
Loved this coffee!

I actually accidentally ordered this coffee and It was awesome. I will order it again for sure. For those of you who really like dark roast coffee, give it a try!

Julia (Minneapolis, US)
Love this!!

This coffee is amazing! It smells fantastic even through the bag! Highly recommend

merle k. (New York, US)

This is just how I like to wake up and get moving!

J.F. (Point Arena, US)
Good Flavor

Flavorful, but more of medium dark. Wish it was darker.

Thanks for the feedback! I will run a few survey's of the people in the last 30 days about this and see if they have the same feedback. If so, we will gladly update the description to medium/dark, or we will review our roasting profile and test it at a darker roast.