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Jamaica (Hibiscus) Tea
Jamaica (Hibiscus) Tea
Jamaica (Hibiscus) Tea

Jamaica (Hibiscus) Tea

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Jamaica Tea (Hibiscus) is caffeine free. It has a mild tartness to it and is similar to cranberry. It's hydrating and has a beautiful crimson color and a bold and refreshing flavor. Jamaica is rich in powerful antioxidants.

    Flavor Profile
    Tart, similar to cranberry, extremely fresh and crisp

    2g per 8oz of water

    Hot Tea Instructions
    Steep 2g per 8oz of water for 2-3 minutes at 160-180 degrees Fahrenheit

    Cold Tea Instructions
    Steep 1oz of tea leaves in a half gallon of water for 25 minutes at 160-180 degrees Fahrenheit. When done, add another half gallon of water. 1oz tea leaves yields 1 gallon. 


    Best Served

    Recommended Sweetener
    Honey or Pure Cane Sugar

    Loose Leaf Tea per 8oz of water

    • 1oz makes 14-15 cups
    • 2oz makes 28-29 cups
    • 4oz makes 56-57 cups 

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