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I’m Home!!

I’ve been looking for some great coffee and amazing customer service! Grizzaffi Coffee gives me both. Can’t wait to start serving it to our people at Fellowship Houston.

Great flavor and great service!

A refreshing and innovative approach when it comes to buying truly fresh and flavorful coffee!

Thanks for the review!

Really Smooth

I normally get the Grizzaffi Blend because it's my favorite. This time I got the seasonal and dark. It's really smooth for a dark. I use a french press.

Thanks for the review!

Really Smooth

I normally get the Grizzaffi Blend because it's my favorite. This time I got the seasonal and dark. It's really smooth for a dark. I use a french press.

Thanks for the review!

Light Roast Ethiopian Coffee

Grizzaffi offers a very nice light roast Ethiopian coffee that I just tried. It's smooth and no bitter taste whatsoever. I bought in the pour over grind and it worked well in my keurig as well as another drip coffee pot that I have. I highly recommend! If you like light roast, you have to try this one!

Grizaffi Tea Delivery

The ordering online and delivery is so convenient and the chamomile and hibiscus teas are delicious. I’m planning to order other items.

Loved this coffee!

I actually accidentally ordered this coffee and It was awesome. I will order it again for sure. For those of you who really like dark roast coffee, give it a try!

Layman’s review

Grizzaffi coffee
Comparison to another brand that is hard to find in this country, which was the best coffee I’ve ever had rating that as a 10, to Keurig K cups with the best Keurig I’ve ever had rating a five. The best national coffee shop chain coffee I’ve ever had was a 6. But most of those coffees I would rate anywhere from 3 to 5.
Mexican - 9+ superb equal to best. I would need to do a side-by-side to be able to rate it at 10. Flavorful, full bodied. Nice aroma. Great mouth feel.
Grizzaffi blend - 8 mild, decent body, mellow from start to finish. Good everyday drink.
Peru - 3 starts off great, good almost full body, the finish is just OK, maybe a slight aftertaste that lingers on the back middle of tongue. Not unpleasant, but noticeable. Maybe slightly bitter. The longer I drink it as I get to the bottom of the cup, the lingering aftertaste remains so I am going down from my initial rating of 7 to 3.
Guatemalan - 7 mellow. Smooth. No aftertaste. Not much body. Good but unexciting.
Sumatra - 8 Same as Guatemalan with a little more body.
Ethiopian - 2 beans have a pungent smell. Not a bad smell, just different, I do not know how to explain it. The ground coffee doesn’t appear to have that smell, but the brewed coffee has retained some of that smell. The coffee has a pleasant taste at first. It seems to hit all of the tastebuds on the surface of the tongue, rather than just one area. The most pronounced taste is in the back of the tongue with a lingering aftertaste. Note, this was not a bad aftertaste at first. It just lingers. I rate the first few sips a 6. Let’s see how it goes as I drink more of it. Halfway through and the taste lingers on the back and sides of my tongue. Don’t like it. Making a different blend to finish out the morning.
Costa Rica - 9+ Complex. Full body. All over taste buds. Most pronounced in the middle to back. Lingering aftertaste but it is a pleasant aftertaste. First impression is a solid 9. Lingers on the back of tongue. Very pleasant. Similar to Guatemala but with a lingering presence and more body. As I got towards the bottom of the cup and the coffee became cooler, the flavors became more intense and complex. I really like this coffee.
Columian - 8 good flavorful middle of the road coffee. Taste is similar to just about any good quality supermarket coffee, except that it is fresher and tastier. Solid choice for anyone wanting to graduate from supermarket coffee. Nothing remarkable about it except it it is very good and better than anything you’re going to get from your local supermarket and definitely better than the best coffee you’ve ever gotten out of your coffee pod machine. I guess that does make it remarkable. A solid choice.


Pleasantly surprised with the quality of the coffee. Bold, flavorful, and a great kick. Used it to Kaye some great cold brew too.

Grizzaffi coffee Tea

The Green Tea is great!! Mixed with mango flavor is Awesome

Best new coffee I have tried in years!

Excellent coffee, one of the best I’ve had, I will definitely be making another order soon!

Best coffee and best service ever!

These guys know GOOD coffee!! And they know really good service!!! Can’t recommend them highly enough!!! Get on board with them!! You won’t be sorry!!!

Grizzaffi Blend Medium Roast in pour over grounds

It's very smooth tasting and has a wonderful aroma. I'm really enjoying several cups a day! I got it in the pour over grounds and it's perfect for any coffee pot, or even to put in refillable k cups for a keurig. I highly recommend Grizzaffi Coffee.


This coffee was surprisingly good. It didn’t have a bite that I find in a lot of Costa Rican coffees. This is a great one to add to my rotation.

Excellent Brew

Rich robust flavor with some slight chocolate notes. Makes a great first cup of rhe morning or mid-afternoon pickup.

Love this!!

This coffee is amazing! It smells fantastic even through the bag! Highly recommend


Very good coffee. With some coffee they get bitter or harsh when they are robust. Not this one, it is very flavorful and robust with staying smooth and wonderful. Definitely a must try

Excellent cold brew

Medium roast made for excellent cold brew.

good coffee

Been using the stuff for a week now. Happy with the smell, taste, and productivity I get from it.

Smooth and Flavorful

This blend is my new go to coffee! The flavor was perfectly balanced. It wasn’t too strong or too weak. It’s easy to sip.

Grizzaffi Medium Roast

This was my first purchase from Grizzaffi. My wife and I like to have a nice cup of coffee in the morning to start the day. She has definitely taken a liking to the flavor and aroma of this blend, as have I. We’re definitely going to enjoy the next several days.

Excellent coffee at a decent price.

Excellent coffee

The coffee was very smooth, but had a nice robust taste

Good quality coffee

Well balanced, perfect morning blend!


I consider myself a coffee snob...and this is AMAZING coffee!!